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Factors That Affect The Price of Gold

Investing your hard earned money is not something you should do without research. Understand the price of gold is very important before you consider investing or rolling over your 401k into gold ira.

Gold is the most popular precious metal on earth. This metal is characterized by attractive, bright yellow color and luster that never tarnish either in water or air. Owing to the fact that it is the most precious metal ever known of businessmen normally buy it in order to diversify their investment risks.

It is also important to note that there is a gold market that is subjected to speculations just as other markets for instance currency market and so on. Gold price has shown a great correlation with oil price for quite a long period of time now. When the price of crude oil fluctuates the same does happen with that of gold. Economists and financial experts believe that this could actually be the main reason as to why this precious metal is normally sold off during periods of economic slump.

Factors Affecting Gold Price
The price of gold can be affected by numerous factors just like other commodities, consider the following points;

1)Demand and Supply
The price of gold can be greatly determined by its demand and supply. When it’s scarce in the market then its demand tends to rise causing the price to shoot upwards. The price of this precious metal has continuously been on the rise owing to the fact that it is scarce and very hard to obtain.

2) The Strength of Currency
When major currencies become weak investors from all around the world always begin trading their monies for gold so as to maintain their investment security. This can lead to a high demand for this metal causing its price to sky rocket. On the other hand, when currencies strengthen the demand for this commodity normally goes down because investors do the exact opposite.

3) Economy
One of the key factors affecting the price of gold is the nature of global economy. When the global economy is at its lowest point with most business bringing back low returns investors opt for gold. This is mainly because gold price has been known to remain stable even during the tough economic times. When more buyers opt for a specific commodity the price of that commodity shoots upwards.

4) Central Banks and Mining Corporations
Central banks and mining companies normally retain huge reserves of gold. They are known to trade in this valuable commodity depending on the trend of their currency and the general global economic situation. The transactions of gold by these entities may lead to a drastic shift in gold price.

A Brief Review of Regal Assets

Google is the best search engine around. The problem with them is that you will find a lot of spam in certain verticals.

Gold IRA is a certain niche that gets spammed a lot because of how lucrative search engine traffic for that particular phrase is. It’s hard to find good unbiased reviews online because of the websites affiliation with the company.

Today, we would like to offer you an unbiased opinion on a precious metal company called Regal Assets. We are not affiliated so you can trust the information you read.

Regal Assets offers a diverse selection of coins, bullions and bars. It deals in silver and gold from South Africa, the United Kingdom, Mexico and the United States. To learn more about this company, please read on:

 About Regal Assets

The company is has a rating of A + from the Better Business Bureau. It offers people an opportunity to invest their money in gold bullion and coins from different countries. The company also has a diverse pool of portfolios, allowing investors to choose according to their specific needs.

Assets Offered by Regal 

Regal Assets focuses on precious metals through bars, coins and bullion. Silver and gold are the main assets, although the firm also works with palladium and platinum. Additionally, the company does not limit trading in Europe and North America. Instead, it trades all over the world, including the South African market.

Diversity of Portfolios

Regal Assets has also taken great steps to ensure that customers can build a more diverse portfolio. There are a number of packages that most clients find interesting, including Dynasty Portfolios and Merchant Packages among others that provide additional financial security.

The Investing Kit

Every new investor receives a free gold investment kit that serves as a training course on how to sell and buy gold. The kit includes documents detailing the history of the precious metals, why gold is a great investment among others.

Additionally, the gold IRA kit provided by the company is designed to help new customers start preparing for retirement. Clients who need further advice on how to maximize profit can get in touch with Regal Assets and use their portfolio management service.

The Portfolio Management Services

The management services are designed to provide advice to clients on the portfolios that are most suitable, depending on the client’s requirements. One of these services is designed to cater to long term gains. You can also choose the service that deals with assets which can be liquidated on short notice.

Through these services, clients are advised on the aspects that are likely to affect their portfolios. Apart from this, every customer can take advantage of the guaranteed 7- day delivery service. This service is designed to ensure that it takes less than a week to send rare coins and other assets to the client.


Overall, Regal Assets is one of the good companies to invest in if you are looking to diversify your portfolio with precious metals.

The firm has excellent ratings and the internet is awash with positive reviews from existing customers. Finally, Regal Asset strongly focuses on transparency and minute details to ensure that client interests and investments are carefully managed.