Sachiko Abe has cut paper for nine years, initially as a private occupation, but now she has taken her practice into the public realm.

For the duration of navigate, Sachiko Abe will occupy a void space on Stubnitz where she will cut paper continuously, amassing it around herself in fine threads. She will create a situation in which the visitor finds their way to the artist. As one gets closer to her, the sound of cutting becomes louder and it gets darker. Sachiko Abe will be positioned in the cabin surrounded by her paper. She intends the cabin to be dark, apart from a light that draws attention to her hands and her activity.

Born 1975 in Nara, lives and works in Fukuoka

Selected solo exhibitions:
2005 : Gallery SOAP, Fukuoka
2004 : Laura Bartlett Gallery, London
2004 : Bluecoat Arts Centre, Liverpool (in conjunction with Liverpool Biennial)
2001 : To Inside..., Former Hyakusanjyu Bank Gallery, Kitakyushu

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2005 : Do Not Interupt Your Activities, Royal College of Art, London.
2004 : Cut Papers, PS1 Contemporary Art Center Program studio, New York.
2004 : Touchable Painting, Ueno-no Mori art Museum, Tokyo
2002 : Error-Error, Fukuoka Art Museum, Fukuoka
2002 : Library Project, Sendai Mediatheque, Sendai
2002 : Danger Map, Gallery SOAP, Kitakyushu and Japan Expo., Tokyo